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Ever wake up in the morning or come home at night feeling covered in a psychic smog? Like you just spent the last several hours in a haze of negativity and bad mojo? Or you've got some lingering illness or yuckiness that has left your body and mind feeling polluted? Just jumping in the shower isn't enough - you need purification down to a spiritual level!


This is the soap I use most often myself when I'm feeling toxic, dirty, negative, or before an important ritual or big time cleansing/smudging. It is the perfect soap for cleansing, releasing, and purifying and made with white sage herbs, pure essential oils and goats milk all meant to draw off any sort of negativity, physical, emotional, or psychic muck you've been exposed to - including that yucky stuff you've created yourself (bad habits, addictions, obsessions) and leave you clean, clear and protected to receive positive energy and spiritual guidance.

White Sage Cleansing Soap - Goats Milk

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A Note About Safety: This soap should feel fantastic all over your body, except directly in your eyes. To discover any possible allergic reaction, test the soap on a small area of skin first. If a reaction occurs, stop using it and try one of our different recipes that work well with your skin. Feather and Sage Apothecary is not responsible for any adverse reaction. Soap is Intended for ADULT USE ONLY as there are small tumbled crystals and dried herbs that could pose a choking risk.  Feel the energy of the Crystal Stone inside your soap bar every time you use. Crystals are tumbled smooth and should be removed as they become more visible from use. After your soap is gone keep your crystals to use as part of your powerful spiritual healing routine.


We recommend to keep your soap bar in a draining soap dish to guarantee the longer lasting of your soap.

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