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- Herbs for Cleansing-

Listed below are some basic properties for various herbs I use at Feather and Sage Apothecary and, of course, in my own rituals. These herbs have been used for centuries all over the world.

Basil – for attracting love, happiness, peace, and money; steadies the mind.

Bay Leaves – for psychic power, divination, success, and money; invoking wish magic.

Calendula – for love and constancy.

Catnip – attracts good spirits and great luck. For love, beauty, and happiness.

Cedar – banishes fear and enhances psychic powers.

Chamomile – for protection and purification.

Cinnamon – when burned raises high spiritual vibrations and aids healing.

Cloves – for protection and exorcism; attracting the opposite sex.

Coastal Sage or Artemisia Californica – for clearing negative energies and healing holes or tears in the aura.

Eucalyptus – for healing and protection.

Frankincense resin – reduces stress, eases tension, and connects you with Source energy.

Ginger – adds power to any magical activity, speeds things up; brings passion.

Lavender – brings peace, relaxation, restful sleep; purity, and love.

Lemongrass – for cleansing and purifying, removing obstacles, and opening doors.

Mugwort or Artemisia Vulgaris – brings clarity and develops/deepens psychic abilities.


Palo Santo – for deep healing to the physical body; can be used to clear a home of energies associated with illness.

Peppermint – for purity, protection, release, and renewal.

Pinon Pine resin – protective, healing, and nurturing.

Rosemary – for removing negative energies associated with sickness, and clearing.

Thyme – is excellent for releasing ceremonies; allows us to recall the past without pain.

White Sage or Salvia Apiana – used to clear negative energies from objects, space, or people.

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