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- Our Story -


Lettie Perez


Owner - Feather & Sage Apothecary

From a young age, Lettie has known she had the ability to feel and manipulate energy. Over the years her intention has allowed her to locate and release deep energy(s) that her clients experience. The synergistic effects of her spiritual aura cleansing sessions reach deep into the source of memories, discomfort, dislodging old feelings, and beliefs. These cleansing sessions helped provoke a physical and mental reaction that leaves the client feeling lighter, happier, and at ease.  

In 2018, Lettie wanted to offer handmade ritually prepared products to her clients. She started creating and preparing and offering her product from a small basket in front of a local restaurant in Harlingen, TX.  With this success and the help of her family, in late 2019 she opened a small retail store from a converted RV. She wanted to provide her clients with a central location for her unique, and handmade products. Over the last couple of years, her store has grown to offer a wide selection of metaphysical products.  

She has now outgrown her current space and has started the construction process on a new building beside the current location.  The Construction of our new location should be completed by the end of June 2021. This new location will offer 800 Square feet of retail space and a separate spiritual cleansing room.   

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