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Personal strength is something we all strive for. Whether your are looking to get physically stronger or the strength to get through some hard times. This beautiful Manifestation Candle is designed to give you a boost of inner confidence and strength to power through that thing that is keeping you from moving forward. 
The amazing coffee essential oils and combined herbal blends are unique and perfect for setting intentions, and in meditation. 

The following herbs and charged crystals have been carefully selected to enhance this candle's energetic purpose:

Coffee Beans: the coffee oils and beans used are perfect to use in your meditation space for heightened concentration and deeper focus while clearing mental and spiritual blockages. 

Cedar: is know to inspire strength and bring forth blessings. It also encourages wisdom and clarity.

White Sage: Helps cleanse & remove negative energy, promotes wisdom.

Cinnamon: is powerful raise vibrations, and  aid in purifying negative energy from a home or other space.

Smokey Quartz: a stone of grounding,  and to keep one connected while helping overcome their fears. 

Tigers Eye: is the stone of courage and protection. It stimulates fearlessness and self-confidence, promoting vitality and physical action while enhancing will power. 

Listing is for 1 - 4 oz Soy Fuerte Manifestation Candle

Soy Fuerte Manifestation Candle

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