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Protection Mojo Bags- For Protection and Healing

These Protection Pouches also known as Mojo bags, are each hand made, one of a kind and projected with healing and protection energy. This Protection Mojo is in a 3” x 3” black Organza Bag. This Mojo bag is full of herbs and gemstones to offer a powerhouse of protection against negative energy, evil spirits, black magick, curses or hexes, or to prevent negative energy/people from entering your home.

Each bag contains a mixture of dried lavender, dried California white sage. dried blue sage, dried desert sage, dried dragons blood sage, dried cedar age, dried Jerusalem sage, and dried lavender sage, one large bay leaf, palo Santo and precious healing stone.

The stones that are in each of the bags shown contain 2-3 clear quartz stones, 2-3 amethyst stones, & 1-2 Aventerine crystals.

They may also be hung from your rear view mirror or hung above your bed or doors. They are truly versatile!

Each Mojo Bag is cleansed and charged and ready to go! 


Protection Mojo Bag

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