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Beautiful Protection wand with Black Obsidian Crystal. The perfect wand for banishing negative energies, calming and stepping forth in confidence and strength.

Handmade with Oregano, Lavender, Yarrow and adorned with an Obsidian crystal.

Obsidian is commonly associated with neutralizing negative energies and threats, protection from Evil Eye, sorcery, damnations, and mischief. Obsidian is also associated with decreasing stress and sharpening the mind. Lavender invites in calm and relaxation, and Oregano and Rosemary are associated with healing and protection. Black sage banishes negative energies, while Wormwood severs negative cords.

A perfect housewarming gift or cleanser for new or tired spaces.

Good for 1-3 cleanses per wand depending on usage, results may vary per user.

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Protection Cleansing Wand

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