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Prosperity & Abundance Mojo Bags- For Money, Prosperity, Wealth, Good Luck

These Prosperity Pouches also known as Mojo bags, are each hand made, one of a kind and projected with prosperity and abundance energy. This Prosperity Mojo is in a small green Organza Bag. Prosperity Mojo Bag crystals (citrine, aventurine, and tigers eye) and dried herbs that were specifically chosen to bring you an abundance of good luck and prosperity you deserve, be it increase in income, business ventures, employment, home, those who gamble, bingo, etc. Carry it with you to bring those abundant desires you request from the Divine/Universe. Blessed by the heavens.

Each bag is adorned with an elephant charm. Elephants are a symbol of love, wealth, health and longevity. In some cultures, elephant figurines are placed near the entrance to the house to ensure longevity and luck to those who pass through. 


They may also be hung from your rear view mirror, kept in your purse or pocket. They are truly versatile!


Each Mojo Bag is cleansed and charged and ready to go!

Prosperity & Abundance Mojo Bag

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