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This Love Spell Mojo bag is in a 3” x 3” Red Organza Bag. This Mojo bag is full of herbs and gemstones to offer a powerhouse powered with a sigil of love conjure used for many generations successfully to draw love into your life, attract a lover or partner, secure fidelity and loyalty in your relationship, clear stagnant energy from a stale relationship.


~ Draws person of interest closer.
~ Releases blocks in flow of loving energy.
~ Secures relationships by encouraging fidelity and loyalty.
~ Returns a wandering lover.
~ Opens communication by stimulating the heart and throat chakra.
~ Fosters commitment.
~ Draws love and affection.
~ Promotes self love and awareness.
~ Soothes tensions and discontentment

Crafted with blessed herbs, botanicals, clear quartz, rose quartz, Tourmaline quart crystals, and love binding intention oil.

Love Spell Mojo Bag

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