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The perfect gift to send those you are closest to some love, friendship, peace & abundance! Our Home Blessings & Prosperity Intention Candle makes a great house warming gift or for someone you know who could use some positive energy and good intentions. This Intention candle is made of soy wax, and has an intoxicating tobacco and orange scented that smells amazing. The intention Candle is adorned with a powerful blend of fruit, herbs, and charged crystals to both cleanse and bring in the desired Intention. Tobacco is said to open the soul to allow the spirits to bring their healing powers and remove negative energy. While the combination of orange, cinnamon, calendula, and camomile help bring prosperity, peacefulness, and help to protect ones home. These Intention candles make Great Housewarming Gift, New Homeowner Gift, House Blessing Ritual


Affirmations on Home Blessing & Prosperity Intention Candle:

“May this home be filled with peace, love, joy, and abundance. May my troubles be less and my blessings be more.... allow nothing but happiness to come through my door. May we dwell in this home for many years to come. Bless and protect all who enter into my home.”


Listing is for 1 - 16oz Home Blessings & Prosperity Intention Candle










Home Blessing & Prosperity Intention Candle

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Soy Wax has a memory. To ensure that candles do not tunnel, make sure to always burn candles until the wax pool has reached the edge of the container. 

Before lighting the candle each time, make sure to trim the wick to 1/4". This ensures a proper burn. 

Lit Candles are HOT! Never touch a candle when it is hot. Never touch a candle jar when it is lit and allow sufficient time for the candle to cool off before handling. 

Candle herbs and crystals should be removed prior to use. Keep lit candles in sight while burning and away from anything flammable. Never leave children or animals unattended near an open flame.

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