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Help connect to ones universal energy to enhance spiritual growth, heal trauma, create positive energy, balance, purification, and evoke feelings of calmness ,serenity, tranquility, and forgiveness towards yourself and others.  This beautiful candle has an orange and clove scent and made with a combination essential oils, a powerful herbal blend, and charged crystals with the intention of bringing wellness and healing to you.

The following herbs and charged crystals have been carefully selected to enhance this candle's energetic purpose:

- Cloves- drive away hostile or negative forces, helps produce spiritual vibrations, and to purify the area.

- Calendula- know to hold the suns energy it has excellent healing properties, but it is also used in other kinds of magical rituals.

- Lavender: Lavender has many benefits, including de-stressing and easing into an easy slumber. 

- Chamomile: Helps calm and center one, while helping Heal and regenerate the Spirit within. 

 - Moonstone: helps soothe those uneasy feelings of stress and instability so you’re able to move forward successfully.

- Amethyst:  Amethyst is a powerful healer with many different healing properties. It helps strengthen and alleviate stress within the body.

- Amazonite: is a soothing stone. It calms the brain and nervous system and aids in maintaining optimum health. 

Listing is for 1 - 16oz Healing Energy Intention Candle.

Healing Energy Intention Candle

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