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While all other elements are essential Water is extremely important in feng shui as it is the ancient Chinese symbol of prosperity and abundance. Flowing water symbolizes income this could be a river, lake , or a pond so keep positive energy flowing throughout your living spaces at all times as it is the symbol of prosperity! These palo Santo sticks are infused with Feng Shui water & oils.


Traditionally, only the fallen branches and twigs of the palo santo tree are harvested, and this practice is regulated by the government of Peru to ensure that the trees do not become overharvested. Unfortunately, as Palo Santo has become more popular, the illegal harvesting and cutting of trees has also greatly increased. Consequently, if you are purchasing wildharvested Palo Santo, it is important to do so from an ethical wildcrafter. The Palo Santo offered by Mountain Rose Herbs comes from a 50 acre farm in Ecuador that contains both naturally occurring and replanted Palo Santo. They have replanted over 5000 Palo Santo trees on the land so far to ensure adequate supply for the future.


It is believed that a tree or fallen branches must lie dead for 4-10 years before the medicinal and mystical properties of the wood begin to come alive. It is also believed that the branches of the Palo Santo that are felled by lightning have the highest concentration of medicinal and mystical properties.


Listing is for 1 Set of Feng Shui Palo Santo Cleansing Sticks (2 Sticks Total)


Feng Shui Palo Santo Cleansing Sticks

Excluding Sales Tax

How to use:

Burn your Palo Santo Stick and let the smoke permeate and cleanse. Waft the sage smoke with the feather so that the smoke cleanses the entire room. Once done, snuff out the fire against an abalone shell or a fire safe container.

Burning Instructions: Light the Palo Santo Stick from the top end and place the burning wand in a fire safe container.

**Please make sure that a Palo Santo stick is COMPLETELY out before leaving the area unattended.***

**Disclaimer: Nothing on this website should be taken as medical, financial, or legal advice. All herbs are intended for external adult use only. Some herbs may not be suitable for all persons—consult a licensed professional if you have concerns. Incense, candles, and herbs can cause fire hazards. Please observe proper safety precautions when using these products.

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