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This votive handmade by Feather & Sage Apothecary has a harmonious infusion blend of enhanced herbs and oils combined with the power of crystals – pyrite, adventurine, and citrine, meticulously chosen for their energy to attract wealth. 🌿💰

- Orange: Symbolizing creativity and joy, orange stimulates a positive mindset, fostering an atmosphere of productivity and resourcefulness in your financial endeavors.

- Sandalwood: Renowned for its grounding properties, sandalwood promotes focus and clarity. It serves to align your intentions, ensuring a steady and mindful approach to wealth attraction.

- Creosote:Known for purification, creosote cleanses the energy around you, removing any obstacles that might hinder your financial goals. It's a symbol of fresh starts and renewed opportunities.

- Bay Leaf: Traditionally associated with success and victory, bay leaves carry energies that inspire confidence and triumph. Incorporating them amplifies your ability to achieve your financial aspirations.

- Pyrite:Often called "Fool's Gold," pyrite is a powerful symbol of abundance and prosperity. Its reflective surface mirrors the energy of wealth, attracting financial well-being and success.

- Adventurine: A stone of opportunity, adventurine enhances your luck and aligns you with favorable circumstances. It's a perfect companion for those seeking new ventures and financial growth.

- Citrine: Revered as the "Merchant's Stone," citrine is associated with abundance and wealth.

Together, this carefully curated blend of herbs and crystals in our Factura Intention Votive forms a potent synergy, inviting positive energies that align with your money-drawing intentions. Illuminate your path to financial abundance with Feather & Sage Apothecary.

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Factura (Money Drawing) Intention Votive

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