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🧿 Evil Eye Intention Candle🧿 A Beautiful blue candle with an evil eye hamsa charm to help ward off all evil coming towards you. Each candle is topped with a blend of white sage, bay leaf, ground Palo santo, and black salt a penetrating blend for spiritual protection. Juniper, rose and vetivert penetrate inside the candle and create a ward of protection for you and yours. We bless the herbal blend and add charged Crystals. Crystals include Black Tourmaline & Clear Quartz....The Black Tourmaline crystal within the candle provide the ultimate form of protection. The crystals absorb negativity and shield your space from unwanted energy. The clear quartz that is added is believes to bring strength and tranquility, the clear quartz crystal is thought to have powerful healing properties and is often used to amplify energy. Crystal Quartz aids in memory retention while bringing clarity and strength of intellect. It is used to focus the mind, increase awareness, stimulate positive thinking, and cleanse the soul. Once the candle has burned down, you can even use the crystals in your home for added protection.


Light candle and say out loud the following blessing.

“I weave this spell, through sight sound touch and smell. Through earth water, air and fire, a web of protection this magic will sire. By the Lady and the Lord, I cast this impenetrable ward.”


Each candle is custom made so colors & herbs will vary slightly.

Evil Eye Intention Votive

Excluding Sales Tax

Candles should be placed on a heat Before lighting the candle each time, make sure to trim the wick to 1/4". This ensures a proper burn. 

Lit Candles are HOT! Never touch a candle when it is hot. Never touch a candle plate when it is lit and allow sufficent time for candle to cool off before handling. Votive candle should be placed on a heat resistance candle  plate or Votive holder. Add a little sand or water to the bottom of the plate before you light the candle to catch any hot wax. This will keep the wax from making a mess on the plate.

Candle herbs and crystals should be removed prior to use. Keep lit candles in sight while burning and away from anything flammable. Never leave children or animals unattended near an open flame. 

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