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Empaths are highly sensitive people with great compassion, consideration and understanding of others. So much so that they actually feel and absorb the emotions of those around them. And that can be draining. Our Empath Energy bracelets has been created to help support, heal, deflect and shield you.

A beautiful combination of Fluorite to balance mind & removes negative thoughts, Purple Lepidolite harmonizes emotions, brings inner peace, & helps with mood swings. Rose quartz is for self love and patience. Aura quartz helps with healing. The added Black Hematite is to assist in grounding & protection.


Each of our gemstone round beaded stretchy bracelets are great for stacking and wearing several bracelets together. The size of the Beads are approx. 8 millimeter. The bracelet length is about 7”- 8”. Resizing of a bracelet design is available. These bracelets have been beaded with care and handmade with a strong elastic pre-stretch cord. It's a perfect bracelet for any occasion.

Please keep in mind that your bracelet is made from natural materials so it may vary slightly from the picture. It is unique just like you! The best way to put on your bracelet is to simply roll it onto your wrist.

Listing is for 1 Empath Energy Bracelet.

Empath Energy Bracelet

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