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Witch balls have been around since the 17th century. They were hung in windows to ward off evil spirits and "witches". It was thought that the evil spirits were attracted to the contents of the ball and would be trapped inside therefore protecting the home. The Witch Ball may be hung in an eastern window, placed on top of a vase or suspended by a cord (as from the mantelpiece or rafters). They may also be placed on sticks in windows or hung in rooms where inhabitants wanted to ward off evil.

Modern witches balls can be glass or plastic and filled with many wonderful herbs, crystals, oils, and amulets. Live moss is a staple in each ball. Then they are filled with blessed herbs and charged crystals. We use plastic balls for durability as glass easily breaks if bumped against a window pane or dropped. I create my witch balls with the intention of protection, prosperity, love, and good vibes.

This blessed witch’s ball is plastic and about 3.5” in diameter and cleansed with incense. It is decorated with twine cord, moss, crystals, and a tree of life charm. Every ball is adorned and included inside Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Black Obsidian crystal chips to amplify the magical properties.

The following items are used and intuitively chosen for each ball:

~ Black Salt to trap negative energies.

~ Rosemary for protection, creativity, and feminine energy.

~ Rose Buds for Divination, Luck, Protection, Happiness.

~ Sage for Purifying, Dispels negative energy, Empowerment.

~ Black Obsidian Crystals for warding and protection.

~ Amethyst Crystals for purification.

~ Rose Quartz Crystals for Self Love and Harmony.

~ Eucalyptus for balance.

~ Cinnamon stick for purification, love, prosperity, and passion.

~ Lavender for calming, purification, peace, and stress relief.

~ Jasmine for love and prosperity.

~ Rose buds and petals for happiness, love, and beauty.

~ Calendula for prosperity & protection.

~ Orange Slices for removing blockages

~ Spanish Moss for strength.

Listing is for 1- Blessed Witches Ball

Blessed Witches Ball

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