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Illuminate your path to prosperity with our exquisite Abundance Intention Candle by feather & Sage Apothecary, crafted with a harmonious herbal blend and adorned with the powerful energies of citrine, aventurine, black obsidian, and clear quartz. This candle is your sacred tool for manifesting abundance in health, wealth, and all aspects of your life.

Hand-poured with care, each candle combines the invigorating scents of uplifting herbs to infuse your space with revitalizing energy. The herbal blend stimulates the senses and creates a harmonious atmosphere, inviting abundance to flow freely into your life. Light our Abundance Intention Candle with intention, and let its gentle glow guide you on your journey to prosperity. Whether you seek abundance in health, wealth, or love, let the energy of this candle support you as you align with the flow of abundance in the universe.

Illuminate your intentions, manifest your desires, and embrace the abundance that is rightfully yours with our Abundance Intention Candle.

Abundance Intention Candle!

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