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Cause justice, legal favor, and force out truth against those who prey upon others. Legal Justice Intention Candles create law & order, creating balance. This candle is designed for those who are on the right side of justice. These are drawing candles to bring and pulls things to you. We encourage the use of this candle when face with legal proceedings, and against those who have trespassed against you. Luckily not always needed, but in great demand when the time is right! Legal Justice Intention Candle is charged and crafted with Citrine & Garnet crystals, herbs, oils, healing properties and fragrances to formulate a natural abundance towards overall fairness.

✨Each item is not only hand poured, but it is then cleansed, charged, and blessed. Note: Each candle is subject to change slightly in design, including crystal size & shape based on availability.✨

Please remove large crystals, charms, etc before burning to prevent crystal from falling into the wick and extinguishing the flame.

Listing is for 1 - 4oz Legal Justice Intention Candle

Legal Justice Intention Candle

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