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Conceiving a child and becoming a mother is one of the greatest blessings a woman can receive. Sometimes when trying to become pregnant there are many factors that can affect the process like stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Staying positive and stress free during your fertility journey can be difficult at times but it is very important. The Fertility Manifestation Candle brings with it the intention of positivity, light, love, strength, and helps to create balance. The lovely lavender scent is intended to help reduce stress. Candle is left natural to represent the color of a mothers breast and the bond and eternal love for your children. Manifestation candle is adorned with a powerful floral blend and a mixture of charged crystals.


Light the candle while setting up your mind for your intention. Then speak the follow affirmation: “I will become pregnant.” “I am blessed and fertile.” “I know my body can do this” “I am ready to receive this blessing.” “I will become pregnant.”


Crystals Used in Candle and their intended Healing Properties:

- RED JASPER- Has been known to help women conceive a healthy child, increasing fertility and boosting their immune system. ... In the family of chalcedonies, also known as Stone of Fertility, has been used from women in ancient times, in order to boost fertility and reproduction.


- MOONSTONE- Strengthen feminine energy, and cycle.

ROSE QUARTZ- Associated with Mother’s Love. Balances and heals emotions. AIDS in forgiveness. Promotes Self- love and confidence.


- GREEN AVENTURINE- Strengthens Connection to Mother Earth. Assist in stabilizing emotions. Known as the stone to help prevent miscarriage.


- RED GARNET- Balances sex drive, helps bring creative powers to fruition. Assist in deepening romantic love.


- CARNELIAN- Stimulates balance and heals woman’s reproductive systems. Eases PMS symptoms and irregular cycles. Boost Fertility.

Fertility Manifestation Candle

4 Ounces
Excluding Sales Tax

Soy Wax has a memory. To ensure that candles do not tunnel, make sure to always burn candles until the wax pool has reached the edge of the container. 

Before lighting the candle each time, make sure to trim the wick to 1/4". This ensures a proper burn. 

Lit Candles are HOT! Never touch a candle when it is hot. Never touch a candle jar when it is lit and allow sufficent time for candle to cool off before handling. 

Candle herbs and crystals should be removed prior to use. Keep lit candles in sight while burning and away from anything flammable. Never leave children or animals unattended near an open flame. 

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